Immunizations, vaccinations, shots… no matter what you call them… Everyone needs to be vaccinated.   Vaccinations protect people of all ages from life threatening or life altering diseases.  Vaccination is important, it is safe, and it works.  Keep yourself and those you love healthy.

Every day we come in contact with hundreds of germs.  Our immune system is hard at work each day  fighting germs to keep us healthy.  Some germs can overwhelm our immune system and cause serious illness, even death.  Those germs cause diseases like polio, measles, pertussis, and meningitis, just to name a few.  Vaccines train our bodies to recognize those germs, attack them, and keep us from becoming ill.  There are different types of vaccinations – polysaccharide, conjugated, attenuated…   To simplify and generalize, vaccines are made with pieces of the germ or germs that are so weakened they can’t make you sick.  When we get a shot, we are teaching our immune system what those germs “look” like.  Our bodies make antibodies that can fight the disease if we come in contact with it in the future.  They make us “immune” which means those germs can’t make us sick anymore.  Vaccines prepare our immune system to make a quick effective response so we don’t get sick when we are exposed to the “real” germ.

New York State Department of Health Hot Line for Measles: 888-364-4837.

NYSDOH information on immunizations link:

Places You Can Go to Get Vaccinations

If you have a primary care provider, a doctor, pediatrician, or nurse practitioner you see for regular health care, it would be best to discuss vaccinations with them. If they don’t mention vaccination at your next visit, then be sure to ASK THEM about it. They can advise what vaccines you need and if they do not have them there, they can refer you to someplace that does.

Most pharmacies have flu vaccine readily available during flu season and can give you your flu shot. Some people find the pharmacy convenient and quick. Pharmacies can also provide some other adult vaccinations. Ask them what vaccines they offer next time you pick up a prescription.

Delaware County Public Health participates in several programs and can offer free vaccines to children and adults who are uninsured or underinsured. Immunization clinics are held at Delaware County Public on the second Tuesday of every month. You may view our calendar for the dates, times and location of our Immunization clinics and call Delaware County Public Health at 607-832-5200, to see if you qualify and to schedule an appointment.