Tobacco and Smoking

Tobacco kills more Americans each year than alcohol, cocaine, heroin, crack, homicide, suicide, car accidents, fire and AIDS combined.

Do You Want to Quit Smoking?

New York State has created a Smoker’s Quitline.  To learn more about all that the State has to offer to help you quit smoking, click HERE.  Also, to support you in your effort to quit smoking, NYS has an online community site. To check out the Online Community Site click HERE.  Finally, another service that NYS offers is NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy).  To go to the website to sign up for the NRT program, click HERE.

Are you a Pregnant Smoker?

The BABY & ME – Tobacco Free Program is a prenatal cessation program designed to reduce the burden of tobacco use and help improve birth outcomes. This evidenced-based program helps women quit smoking and stay quit after the baby is born. Women, who enroll in the program, quit smoking and stay quit after the baby is born, will receive vouchers for FREE diapers for 6 months. More information can be found on the program website at  To enroll call Delaware County Public Health at 607-832-5200