Public Health Preparedness

bull1Public health threats are always present. Whether caused by natural, accidental, or intentional means, these threats can lead to the onset of public health incidents. This could include infectious, occupational or environmental health incidents.


Types of Public Health Threats:

Current Topics

  • Ebola, Chikungungya, Enterovirus

Natural Disasters

  • Floods, snow and ice storms


  • Anthrax, Botulism, Plague, Smallpox, Tularemia


  • Ricin, Nerve Agents


  • Dirty Bombs, Nuclear Blasts

Delaware County Public Health conducts joint planning and drills/exercises within the County, with surrounding counties and with New York State.  Public Health communicates and coordinates with a variety of public and private agencies to maintain communication channels that can be utilized for planning, training and exercises as well as when critically needed to respond and recover from real emergencies.

Being prepared to prevent, respond to, and rapidly recover from public health threats is critical for saving lives and safeguarding Delaware County from public health threats.

During an emergency would you or a family member require more help to evacuate your home safely? The Functional Needs Registry is a web based tool to help emergency responders plan for and assist people with more needs during an emergency or a disaster. Click here to register.

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