February 9th, 2021

For information about vaccinations go to https://www.nyuhs.org/southerntiervax

For information on the 7 day rolling average go to https://forward.ny.gov/percentage-positive-results-county-dashboard

Delaware County Public Health Services receives COVID vaccines from New York State and Public Health is required to distribute them in accordance with NYS Vaccine Distribution Guidelines.  The weekly allocations are designated by New York State for specific populations.

At this time we are unable to vaccinate the 65 and older at this time.  Pharmacies are designated to vaccinate 65 and older and will be receiving vaccine from NYS.  Please call your local pharmacy to see when they will be receiving vaccine.

This week Delaware County Public Health has been allocated 100 doses.  The 100 doses are allocated for 1b essential workers.

Employers in Delaware County seeking COVID-19 vaccinations for their staff that are listed in Phase 1B can email their contact information to  Delaware County Public Health at dcph@co.delaware.ny.us


Heather Warner

Public Health Programs Manager

99 Main St

Delhi, NY 13753